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IVR BANKING / Access 24 (interactive voice response)

Metropolitan District Employees' Credit Union, Inc.

Access 24 System (860) 549-5349 or (860) 549-5357

Select from Main Menu:

Press 1 - for Credit Union information
Press 2 - for account information

Credit Union Information

Press 1 - List of services &  rate menu
Press 2 - Hours
Press 3 - Credit Union rates
Press 4 - Loan rates and terms
Press 5 - Return to main menu
Press 6 - Account information menu
Press 0 -Transfer to operator

Account Information

Press 1 - Inquiry on account
Press 2 - Transactions on account
Press 3 - Loan application (available in the future)
Press 4 - Change in PIN code
Press # - Return to main menu

To use once you are in the account information menu...

  • Enter your account # and add a zero, then press the * key
  • Key in your 4 digit PIN number
  • Select from the inquiry/transfer menu

Inquiry - press 1
Transaction - press 2

Codes to use
Savings                                 Loans

01 RS         

02 SD           

03 SS          

04  VAC              

05 CC        

06 Tax                           

08 IRA                         

09 ER     

10 ROTH          

(regular shares)

(Share Drafts) 

(second shares)


(Christmas Club)



(Energy Reserve) 

(Roth IRA)   

01 L1

02 L2

03 L3

04 L4

05 L5

06 L6

07 L7

08 L8

09 L9

Text Banking

TEXT BANKING!   Do you sometimes need to find out if you’ve got enough money to do a purchase? Do you want to find out if a certain check cleared? Want to make a loan payment?  You can do all that with your cell phone.  No waiting, no passwords, text message response within seconds!  You never type in your account number.  Your identifying factor is the cell number.  That’s the first thing you have to do is register your cell phone on the banking system with us.

Send a text message to Short Code - 95495  services are free of charge,  standard data/SMS fees may apply from the Mobile Carrier.

Enter Keyword – mdecu with a command code share code or loan code

Command Code Share Code Loan Code
bal - share or loan information RS LS
hist - transaction history for either share or loan accounts SD L2
tax - IRS totals for the prior tax year SS L3
x - transfer funds between shares and loan accounts VAC L4
types - list of open share and loan types CC L5
stop - remove phone from text banking TAX L6
help - brief command summary and syntax ER L7
  IRA L8


mdecu bal sd Sends balance information for the first open share draft account
mdecu bal rs 2 Sends balance information for the regular share number 2
mdecu bal L1 Sends balance information for the first open L1
mdecu hist sd Sends the 6 most recent history transactions for the first open share draft account
mdecu hist more N If there are more than 6 transactions from an initial hist request the member can reply more for the next 6 transactions. N will be a sequential number page number displayed at the bottom of the message (ie the text message will display “For More, Reply mdecu hist more 2”).
mdecu hist rs 2 Sends history for the regular share number 2
mdecu tax Sends year to date IRS tax information for the prior tax year
mdecu x rs 0 sd 0 100     Transfer $100 from regular share number 0 to share draft number 0. The share numbers are required as well as the types
mdecu x rs 0 L1 0 250.55 Transfer $250.55 from regular share number 0 to Loan 1 number 0. The share/loan numbers are required as well as the types