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Vehicle Loans

Metropolitan District Employees' Credit Union, Inc. wants to get you behind the wheel of a new or pre-owned vehicle today. We’ve got some of the best vehicle rates in town.

Types of Loans

  • New Auto
  • Used Auto
  • Older Used Auto
  • RV/Camper
  • Motorcycle
  • Refinancing

Take a look at our competitive vehicle loan rates.

MDECU offers GAP Protection and Mechanical Service Contracts for New and Used vehilcles.  The prices can be added to the loan amount or paid in cash.  Call for a quote

Want to apply for a vehicle loan today? The Credit Union will need proof of income and other documents before proceeding with the loan application.  Please make sure that you send all documentation needed with loan application.

Enterprise LogoWe have a partnership with Enterprise Auto Car Sales.  Check with MDECU on how to get a referral to Enterprise.

TrustageCheck out TruStage for savings on Auto Loans

liberty mutual  Want to talk directly to someone about Home or Auto insurance? Denise Rivera will be able to help you.                                                                                                      Call 860 494-7636 or email DeniseRivera@LibertyMutual.com

Stop by and see a Member Representative for more information on our loans and credit cards or email us, call or text us at 860-560-9036.