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Metropolitan District Employees CU membership starts with a savings account.  From there members can find other ways to save.  Learn more

IRA, Roth and HSA Accounts

When planning for retirement or saving for your high deductable insurance policy, Metropolitan District Employees CU can help. Learn more

Share and IRA Certificates

We realize our members have different savings goals ranging from short-term purchases to long-term nest eggs. That’s why Metropolitan District Employees CU has several savings options for you to choose from.  Learn more

Save to Win

Metropolitan District Employees CU offers a savings account that allows members to add to it each month and possibly win $5,000.  Learn more

Kasasa Saver

This is a new savings account with Metropolitan District Employees CU.  This ssavings account is linked to the Kasasa Cash Checking or the Kasasa Cahs Back Checking.  Learn More

Click here to take a look at our great rates.

Stop by and see a Member Representative for more information on our checking and savings accounts, or email us or call or text us at 860-560-9036.